Store of reliable private macros MacroSU

Universal macros with automatic weapons detection! They will be able to remove the recoil of weapons in popular shooters. Each new user is given his own individual version of the software, this principle of operation provides a minimal chance of blocking.
The program is easy to run and install.

List of games supported by MacroSU

Satisfied customers
Honest reviews
Affordable prices
Collection of modern RUST macros
Remove weapon recoil in the rainbow, shoot with a clip
A collection of high-quality macros that will remove recoil in PUBG
Collection of reliable macros for Counter-Strike 2
MacroSU has collected a lot of relevant macros for Apex Legends
The ability to immediately purchase a collection of macros for available shooters

System requirements:

  • Macros can be used on all operating systems of the Windows family;
  • Supports Intel and AMD processors;
  • Compatible with all keyboards and mice;
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MacroSU is a set of automated features that are aimed at optimizing many routine user actions. The main task of the software is to remove the recoil of your weapon in order to make it possible to shoot with a clip. In most popular shooters, your account will be quickly blocked if you use software anti-recoil. But this will not happen with MacroSU. The program is not embedded in the game process. Each new user is given his own individual version of the program. This way of bypassing anti-cheat completely eliminates the possibility of falling under a massive wave of bans. Macros have been working since 2019. They do not need to be updated after technical work in the game, but at the same time, the developer regularly makes various additions and optimizes the scripts.
Program features
  • Individual assembly for each new user
  • Automatic macro adjustment for your system
  • Automatic detection of the taken weapon in games
  • Works with any mouse and keyboard
  • Simulates the actions of a living person with smoothness and slight randomness of mouse movement with any sensitivity
  • It is not embedded in the gameplay, which makes it safe
  • It has a simple configuration system, in case of problems - we will help you figure it out
  • Convenient sound effects
  • GUI support on top of all windows
  • Automatic update system
  • A simple activation system, through the access key, which you will receive after payment by mail
Note. It is not recommended to abuse the program. MacroSU gives a significant advantage in shooters over other players and greatly affects the game balance. It is recommended to use anti-recoil carefully. Always remember that offended rivals can watch your actions. Abuse of the program increases the chance of receiving complaints, which can lead to account suspension.
But in general, the program is maximally optimized and aimed at making the gameplay much more interesting and exciting. Do not deny yourself anything, surprise your friends with your skill.