Buy MacroSU working private macros for PUBG game

Your attention is presented to the current macros for the game PUBG, which will be able to remove the recoil of weapons in the royal battle. You will get a significant advantage over the enemy. You will not need to think about weapon control, just aim at the enemy and fire a couple of shots. Many users choose this dominance option due to the low blocking chance. Also, it is extremely difficult to track your actions when using this program.
In general, the gameplay will become much more interesting and exciting due to the bonus that you will receive. When using MacroSU, you do not need to buy a high-quality expensive mouse and keyboard. You will receive a complete list of up-to-date macros compatible with all scopes. It is convenient that the program will automatically determine the weapon that the character is holding.

Buy private macros for PUBG game

Features of the collection of private macros MacroSU for the game PUBG

As we wrote earlier, to reduce the chance of blocking accounts, the developer uses a modern way to bypass anti-cheat. Each new user is given his own unique version of the program, which has no analogues. This method eliminates the possibility of obtaining mass locks when software is detected. We can say that this is an individual program created especially for you. Therefore, the first time purchase is more expensive than the subsequent extension. The MacroSU macro collection is not embedded in the gameplay. All actions take place in an external window. Events and processes are randomized. Additionally, the process itself is protected. It's convenient that you don't need a top-end mouse or keyboard. For victories, it will be enough to use ordinary devices. We do not get tired of repeating that the software is equipped with a unique ability to automatically determine the weapon that is in your hands. And switching to the corresponding macro. In general, the program is easy to set up and run. Sound effects have also been added. In case of difficulties with the installation - our technical support will help you for free and direct you in the right direction.

If you have never used the assembly of MacroSU private macros - for the first time you need to purchase the program itself. Along with it, you will receive an activation key. Subsequent renewals will cost you less. After payment, you will receive detailed instructions, a download link and installation information. In case of problems, or if something is not clear to you, you can always contact our specialists for help.

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