Remove weapon recoil in RUST with private macros

Your attention is presented to an indispensable assistant, which greatly simplifies the handling of weapons during gunfights in RUST. A shooter with elements of survival is equipped with an extremely powerful anti-cheat, which is regularly updated and improved by the developers. Popular programs are fixed in a short period of time and sent to long-term detection. At the initial stage of sales with MacroSU, this is exactly what happened. The program began to be used by many users who did not even suspect that their accounts would subsequently be blocked for using macros.
For the developer, this was a memorable lesson, for a long time they did not even try to update the program under RUST. But thanks to that occasion, a quality decision was made in favor of buyers. Since then, each new user has been given their own version of the program. Due to this modern approach, the chance of blocking was minimized, and the program still works without bans.
At the same time, the program is equipped with unique features. For example, she is able to determine the weapon that is in your hands. Automatically switches macros. Definitely, MacroSU gives a significant advantage over rivals in the game and using the program will certainly lead you to a secure home, a lot of resources and evict neighbors in the area.
Macros are not implemented into the game, the setting takes place in an external program. The design of the software is intuitive, easy to turn on and optimize. The set of protective actions that have been implemented in MacroSU can guarantee the safety of your account. Also, it will automatically adjust to your resolution and characteristics in the game.

You can buy macros for the game RUST online on our website:

Unique program and activation key for 30 days

$16.49 30 days

Extending RUST Macros

9.99$ 30 days

If you have never used the assembly of MacroSU private macros - for the first time you need to purchase the program itself. Along with it, you will receive an activation key. Subsequent renewals will cost you less. After payment, you will receive detailed instructions, a download link and installation information. In case of problems, or if something is not clear, you can always contact our specialists for help.