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Your attention is presented to the current program - a collection of macros, which is aimed at leading you and your team to victory in the Apex Legends game. In a shooter, an important component is the ability to accurately point the mouse cursor at an opponent and plant as many rounds as possible in a short period of time. Our macros will give you the opportunity to shoot with a clamp and will certainly lead you to a winning result. The collection has been working for more than two years, receiving all the necessary improvements related to the addition of a new arsenal in the shooter.
После технических работ в игре MacroSU не нужно обновлять. Программа не взаимодействует с игрой, что гарантирует минимальный шанс блокировки. Легко запускается и настраивается, а в случае необходимости наши специалисты помогут разобраться и направят вас в нужное русло. Дополнительно разработчиком было принято решение о повышении защиты ваших аккаунтов. Всем новым пользователям выдаётся индивидуальная версия программы, которая полностью исключает возможность массовых блокировок. Софт годами протестирован и максимально оптимизирован под запросы пользователей.

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Apex Legends Macro Extension

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Features of Apex Legends Private Macros

I never tire of repeating the benefits of our private macros. A definite plus is the ability to automatically determine the weapon that is in your hands. The program itself considers and switches the necessary settings. You only need to be careful in the game and at the right time to make a devastating shot right on target. You will receive your version of the private macro assembly immediately after payment. Instructions, a link and a key will be sent to your mail. In case of problems, our technical support will provide free assistance and advice on setting up. Since 2019, MacroSU has not had a single detection. Stable operation of the program.

If you have never used the assembly of MacroSU private macros - for the first time you need to purchase the program itself. Along with it, you will receive an activation key. Subsequent renewals will cost you less. After payment, you will receive detailed instructions, a download link and installation information. In case of problems, or if something is not clear to you, you can always contact our specialists for help.