Up-to-date information regarding the status of private macros


Status information:

Undetected - minimum chance of blocking. This status does not give a 100% guarantee of blocking protection. Always remember that you need to play with private cheats carefully and get a minimum number of complaints and reports.

Update - the macro has gone for a long update, it is set in cases when it takes more time than usual to solve problems with the program's performance.

Use at your own risk - a high chance of getting your account banned. It is not recommended to use on the main account.
Since 2020, the developer has decided to transfer all users to a modern way to bypass anti-cheat.
Each new customer is given their own version of the program, which reduces the likelihood of getting an account blocked to a minimum.

Information about the developer of private macros MacroSU

The programmer who created MacroSU has come a long way in developing the perfect program for its dedicated users. It all started with mass sales, when it was possible to purchase a program for a short period of time by the type of day, week. But later it turned out that this method of protecting accounts is not effective. In shooters with powerful anti-cheat, if you send a program file to the game developers, it is easy to detect any software. And it doesn't matter how strong the anti-cheat protection level is. Craftsmen will be able to get to the necessary cheat files and make adjustments to the performance of the game's protective services. This became obvious in the example of using the program in RUST. Then it was decided to increase the level of protection. Each new user was given his own individual version of the program, which has no analogues. Such actions completely ruled out the possibility of falling under mass blocking. This technology has proven itself well and shows ideal results for two years of uninterrupted operation of MacroSU. It is extremely difficult to find a similar stable software that could boast the same quality.

I think that the most important thing in using cheats is the long-term minimum chance of a ban. Our collection of macros shows just such a level and can guarantee the relevance of the work.

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